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V for Vendetta

The Wacovsky brothers are at it again. Sort of.

They have written the screenplay for this film, but left the directing to another guy.

The Wacovsky brothers are at it again. Sort of.

They have written the screenplay for this film, but left the directing to another guy.

Good or bad?

Well. After seing the trailer I thought: this has to be the stupidest film ever. Man, the mask
V is wearing is plain lame. And the effects… I seem to remember a film called The Matrix in the beginning of this century? The first one had serious wow-factor. Too bad they screwed up the rest of them. So, in that context, the name Wacovsky didn’t seem to promising.

After actually watching the film I have to say it was not too bad. Not too bad at all. V, albeit shallow, was tormented, powerfull and revengefull.

The antagonist was… not very strong. It might be difficult to put an entire goverment up as an antagonist, but in this film, even though the goverments faces was bad, it seemed a bit to much. The baddest guy was just an old
geezer, his henchmen worse (and younger), but still not bad enough.

Then again, look at USA at present. Or at North-Korea.

The hero was cute, and sweet, (even when her hair was cut short), but
Natalie Portman is not a great actress. Leages better than in Star Wars, but not Academy Award quality. At least not yet. Stephen Rea as Inspector Finch was one of the best of the lot.

How was the action? After all, it was an Wacovsky-film (directed by
James McTeigue). Fairly laid back I would say. Ok, not exeptional. Too much wires (but what else is new these days) and some nice scenes, but it’s not Matrix, nor is it a kung-fu film.

The funniest thing about the film is the political message. And, if you stretch the imagination a bit, it is believable. USA will, sooner or later (sooner most likely) crumble like a dry piece of bread underfoot. Britain will most likely not take over, but, hey, who would have thought that the pilgrims, criminals and irish moving to the new world would be the greatest superpower on the planet?

Should you see it? Sure. Why not. If you have a couple of hours to kill, its not the worst film you could choose. Its an american film. Slick. Nice. But I guess there are other films just as good out there. Not to mention books you can read.

Stars: 7 out of 10


Underworld Evolution

Underworld Evolution
The second installment of this series, and it gets better and better. Atleast according to me spouse.
Me, I find it a bit… boring is not the right word, because it’s not. It’s very entertaining. But I guess you could say the characters don’t move me properly. Somehow I don’t really care about the characters. Yes, I would like the heroine (
Kate Beckinsale) to survive. Yes, the bad guy (Tony Curran) really should die. And I guess the hero (Scott Speedman) is lucky to lay his hands on Beckinsale. She is hot!
But, so what? It’s slick. Some cool CGI. Some creases in the bad guy’s foam vampire-suit. Lenses that looks plain weird.
So what? I left the theatre with a mixed emotion. Some cool, some stupid, some crappy. But, hey. It’s an american horror-action. It seems like they don’t know how to make any better.
Should you see it? Shure. If you like a good vampire flick with a hot babe in a tight suit.
If you want a deep and life-changing experience? I don’t think so.
Stars: 6 out of 10